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Who we are

The Suntory Group is a leading global consumer packaged goods company, offering a uniquely diverse portfolio enjoyed by millions around the world.

What we do

Suntory is a consumer products company with a mission "To create harmony with people and nature. "We're about developing products and services that enrich consumers' lives, while always keeping sustainability at our core.

Our Business

Suntory offers a wide-ranging global lineup of beverages. We’re also home to wellness, floral, and restaurant businesses.

Our Sustainability

Our mission "To create harmony with people and nature" ensures that we offer quality products and services while protecting and nurturing the natural environment.

Quality &

Our dedication to perfection is at the heart of our work. We strive for excellence in everything we do, all to delight our customers.


At Suntory, we believe in doing, crafting, and sharing good. This has always been our way. Find out how we enrich everyday life through our products, services, and social activities.

Yatte Minahare

We believe the future belongs to those who dream big. We dare to question the status quo, take on challenges, and never give up. This is our Yatte Minahare spirit.

CSR in Japan
CSR in Europe

Giving Back to

At Suntory, we do more than just offer quality products?we strive to positively impact everyone around us. Learn about our initiatives to give back to nature and society.